Monday, November 10, 2008

My Favorite Place in This House.

Where is your favorite place in your house?
That is a hard one for me. I have alot of favorite places in my house. So I will tell you about my favorite place in each room. Let's start with the new room. I usually park myself on the big couch next to the table with the lamp that can't be plugged in yet. I like to have a table for my diet Pepsi that never leaves my side except for the occasional bottle of tap water that fills an old bottle of diet Pepsi because I am too lazy to go to the store.
In the old living room my favorite place is at my computer. I sing there and write in my blog. I also read your blogs there.
In my bedroom my favorite place is the bed....use your imagination
In the bathroom my favorite place is in the bath tub filled with bubbles.
In the kitchen I like to sit at the table and listen to music and paint.

But I guess my most favorite place is on the back deck where I can watch nature and read.....the only bad thing about that is the mosquitoes and I hate spraying on bug repellent.

OK now you know my favorite places...what are yours?


Louise *Star Dust* said...

My favorite is my stylish rocking chair in the balcony. It is a screened in porch so no bugs and a great view. :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

my favourite place is the Kitchen ~ I just love sitting at the table with the family and enjoying talking together :o) ~ Ally

Paula said...

Depends on which house you're talking about? Mine or John's? lol

Robin said...

Mine would be out back on the deck...listening to the fountain and watching the ducks.

(Cassie) said...

I love my computer room, but enjoy living room as well. I have a special spot where I sit and have my drink and books, and magazines close by.

Linda :) said...

hmmmmmm my favorite place.... computer chair, couch watching tv but I think the bed watching tv is the most comfy.....

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