Thursday, September 17, 2009

Come to My Yardsale!!!!

I know...I's about dang time....thanks to all my followers who haven't given up on me...My life is hectic right now and I should be writing more.

Starting today through Sunday I will be having a yard sale. I have cheap prices so I hope to sell alot!

Here are a few things I am selling... to read? I swear I have all kinds of books...
Paperbacks for 50 cents or three for a that's a deal!
Hardback books...some brandnew.....$2.00
Magazines...only 10 cents!
DVD's #1.00
Tapes 50 cents
Dog...not for sale...priceless
Husband....priceless also

So if you are in my area take a country drive to Lytle Texas
19416 Somerset Street and get yourself a deal

Have toys, clothes, tools, piano, men's ties, shoes, games, dining room tables, roll away desk, computer chair, electronics and much more. Would also love to meet ya!

Sale starts today from 10-6 through Sunday 10-6.

Ok Barb...enough of that! What have you been up to?
Well so glad you asked....

I am still doing the executrix thing. Never would have signed up for this.
But I am getting along ok.

Am going to see my sister every week also. She is getting better..still a way to go. She is getting help now and is in a safe place.

Eric and Shelby come to visit when they can. Shelby is getting so big now..she weighs 15lbs!

Sadie is back to herself now...frisky and ready to go go go!

Rick has been a huge help to me and I am so thankful to have him as my hubby.

So much to do....alot more work at parents house. We want to remodel too.

So how have you been? I will be by soon to catch up...I promise!

I still sing at under the name Waitressangel...go by and have a listen and leave me a comment.

Ok...gotta get ready for the sell.

Be back soon.

Love ya, Barb

In Memory of Tiny

In Memory of Tiny


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