Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We had a blast...what did we do? Really nothing but hang out at the house all day. With Eric's schedule at his new restaurant he said this was great to just do nothing.
Actually we did do a few things. First of course I had to show him all the pictures and videos from the houseboat trip.
Then we watched the Food network which led to .....hunger.
So we went and did our favorite thing together...grocery shop :)
We always enjoy looking at everything and then of course I get free lessons on the art of cooking from my chef son.
Today we talked about wine. I am not a heavy drinker...maybe once or twice a year, but lately I have been wanting to drink a little wine.
At Eric's new job this is one of the things he has become an expert at since he has to pair up wines with meals for his patrons.
We bought a bottle of blackberry wine.
We bought the ingredients for a blueberry pie....sorry folks it is half gone....I so wanted to take a picture of it....It was yummy!
We bought vanilla ice cream and whip topping to go on top of the fresh out of the oven still warm pie.
So much for my diet LOL
I also made his favorite dinner...when he comes home he likes for me to cook for him. Since most of his waking hours are cooking for other people.
I made chicken-fried back strap....deer meat.
Fried potatoes with onion and Eric sauteed some zucchini.
It was all so delicious.
Hope I haven't made you all too hungry....
It could have been worse...I could have taken pictures...that would have had you running to the fridge :)
Spider bite is pretty much the same...I have to keep my foot elevated or it swells up on me. It still looks icky.
Eric could only stay for one day. He has to work tomorrow, so he left for Austin at 12:54pm.
So then of course I had to wait up for that phone call...Mom I am safely home.
I am very particular on this which cracks me up....I mean he is out driving around Austin everyday and I don't worry about him half as much as that trip home.
Of course before he leaves we always pray for a safe trip home.
Tomorrow I will be going back to my parents for more packing up.
Last week we started on books....so far we have 15 medium size boxes filled with just books.....And that is only one wall. We still have 2 walls top to bottom in the cottage, 1 huge wall about 5 bookcases top to bottom double stacked in the back bedroom.
Another bookcase in the middle bedroom and another one in the den.
I should take pictures of that for you this week.
One whole wall was Bibles and Sermons and Lessons....luckily the guy at the bank said his Dad has a church so I will be donating all of those there.
I have 2 full boxes of brand new books we are taking to half price books.
I am keeping a few
And then I have 6-7 boxes I am donating to Good Will.
That is only so far....by the time I am done who knows how many hours or boxes it will take.
We decided we are going to concentrate solely on books until they are done.
Ok now a question.....when you get a will probated do you HAVE to give them an inventory?
I of course asked my lawyer and of course she said yes...but I wonder.
Why is it any ones business what my parents had or didn't have?
Especially since the will said I could keep, donate or sell anything left.
Any thoughts?
Ok going to bed now....xoxBarb


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Thats good you and your soon had a great time. The food sounds delious..Hmmmmmm...I was wondering got any leftovers you willing to share LOL. Alvia

Missie said...

My dad had a spider bite that took 6 months to completly heal. I hope you bite heels quickly. Enjoy your hump day tomorrow.

Linda :) said...

So glad you and Eric had a whole day together!!!! and I would think you are a good cook, Eric had to get the desire to be a chef from someone.... :)
and now I know what you meant when you said you knew where to get some books, lol....
Take care of your leg....

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