Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey look! I found some dragonflies! I am going to look again later and see if I can find anymore... If you find some cuter ones let me know. You know I love much I even had one tattooed on my ankle. And I thought I would NEVER get a tattoo....there is a first time for everything!

I have a few pictures to share with you....We went on a mini vacation to Rockport Texas..

Our little Sea Dog....she has a stain on her shirt because she kept rubbing it underneath the picnic table...Rick says the shirt was making her itchy..

Now doesn't she look happy? Actually she is definitely pregnant and you can already feel the puppies moving.

Two little love birds...These are Texas seagulls.

Puppy Prison

I don't get it....what is the fuss? Why does he want to sit for hours holding on to those poles and looking at the water....every once in a while he puts another one of those crawly things on a hook...but other than that...what exactly are we doing out here in the freezing wind?

We had a lot of fun. Tomorrow I am taking the taxes in to be done. Once all that is over I will feel a big sense of relief. And maybe able to relax a bit.
I plan to try to see my sister this next week. We are also going to start getting more organized about our house so we can downsize and get more done. I am going to be tossing out old clothes and shoes etc. making room for what I actually wear and not the prom dress from high school.
I want to have a yard sale soon, but that takes alot of work and this time I will be advertising it more.
Guess I better get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. Hope is all well at your house.
Also I wanted to say that Eric is doing great. He is still in Austin and working every day but Monday. So he is keeping busy.
Have a great day tomorrow! :) Barb

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey! It's really me! I know I know it's about darn time!
Sorry I haven't written in awhile.
So much going on nowadays.
I am doing fine. I keep busy going back and forth from my house to my parents.
We are still trying to get through all of the things there.
We have the back cottage organized now. You can see the floor in the garage. We had a yard sale...but that was a joke. Gonna have another one here where we live.
Eric is doing great. He is working at a French restaurant. He loves it.
Sadie Marie may be a border collie no less....she might have to have a Cesarean...that's gonna be fun to pay for.
Rick and I are steadily working on both houses.
We plan to build on two more rooms to our house eventually.
A new kitchen and bedroom.
I might even get a music studio out of all of this. I can already see it in my mind.
Wish I was a genie and could blink all this into reality....but everything good must come from alot of hard work.
We are planning a mini fishing trip soon.
We would like to go back to Rockport this summer too.
I would just like to get past the tax thing first...
Of course everything I do I have to do over and over because of the people that my parents dealt with. They had most of their payments taken out of their account automatically. So I had to send all of them copies of the death certificates and my executrix papers. organized about your things so that your children do not have to struggle to get things done.
My sister is still sick. She is in a hospital now. But not talking to anyone. Please keep her in your prayers.
Ok I will try to be better about posting.
Emily my niece just had a baby. She named her Payton Mackenzie.
Ok I think that is it for now...well actually there is alot more...but I will write more soon.
Hope everyone is happy and well. Sorry I have not been by to visit your journals. I plan to catch up soon. xoxBarb

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