Monday, November 24, 2008

I want to look all Christmasy the heck do all of you make your pages so colorful? What's the secret code...
Went shopping today to try and get started with the shopping for Christmas.

Bought Sadie one of those Pedipaw thingys where you grind off the nail....she is still hiding under the bed. Hates it! They say eventually they get use to it.....apparently they have not met Sadie Marie.

I love to give presents for Christmas I hate shopping for them.

No offense to Rick, but I especially hate shopping for them with Rick...he thinks you should just know what you want to get....go in the store and get it and go home.

My problem is some of the people I buy for every year the only time I see them is at Christmas and I don't really know them very well....sad but true.

Oh well at least I got a start.

As far as my list goes for myself.....still in the dark....I thought I wanted a Wii system....went to look at them today and OMG.....first you have to buy the system....over 300 dollars and then you have to purchase games for it....usually around 50 bucks.....\

Just buy me some computer games they only cost 20 or less.

I love to sing anyway and I always have my which cost me nothing.

As far as Rick is concerned...when that man wants something he just goes and gets it.
I was going to buy him a few things this year....he has already gotten most of them because he was with me when I bought them....

He told me when he was little they only got one present each. And sometimes if it was a toy he had to share it with his brother.

He said when he first met me he freaked out when we went to celebrate Christmas at my parents because the tree was overflowing with presents.

So that is why this year I want to give him lots of presents to open.

We have been married for over 27 years now and he just this year told me that.


Ok thanks for stopping by. I do love comments so please share your wisdom with me!



Robin said...

If you go to they have all kinds of blog backgrounds to pick from and it tells you exactly how to add it so your blog will look pretty!

Missie said...

Just like Robin suggested, the cutest blog on the block. As for the pedipaw, you should give a treat for each paw you do. Eventually, he'll like getting his paws done. He'll associate it with something good.

Allison said...

Just goes to show you that no matter how long you know someone, you will find out something new all the time. Have a happy Wednesday. : )

Ally Lifewithally said...

I love to give presents at Christmas ~ must admit this year I have done quite a lot on line :o) ~ Hope Sadie do'es get used to the Pedipaw ~ Ally x

Linda :) said...

Hubby and I saw that commercial for the pet zoom nail groom, lol, something like that at 1am this morning, lol... We think those pets were sedated especially the cats while they were getting their nails filed....
Have fun spoiling Rick!!!

Marlene said...

Hi Barb, pffftttt to that Pedi paw thingie. I spent 19 dollars on that at Bed Bath & Beyond. Now the dog runs even when she hears the can opener. Marlene

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