Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Pics

Since Daisy looks like a cow I took her picture with Sadie's little pig...gotta be fast around here to take a picture
Sadie wants to sit on Ricks lap...but she doesn't want to leave the puppy alone.

Side by side

Mom makes a great pillow

Snug as a bug

Mom went outside

Now she is back

Sadie is a good mom :)

Sadie Marie had her puppy on March 31st at 11:30pm. There are more pictures of her on her blog...Sadie's Adventures.
She is doing great. She is hilarious though. She keeps trying to take her food and water bowls to the puppy and nudging her trying to get her to eat and drink. She wants to sit with us on the couch like the old days. She runs back and forth between us and her baby. We named her Daisy Mae.
Eric will be adopting her when she is old enough. We told him he could have the pick of the :)
Rick had to help Sadie because Daisy was so big.
Sadie is a rat terrier chiuaua and the Daddy is a Border Collie. We were planing on having a vet and a Cesarean delivery. Sadie had her own plans.
It was a little scary there for awhile because of the size of the puppy. Thank goodness Rick was there to be the midwife....what would you call a man who does this? A mid husband?
Anyway...Sadie was very concerned about the mess she made and had it all cleaned up like nothing happened.
She is a great Mom
Rick has been adorable through all of would think it was actually his grand baby.
I can't wait to see what he is like when we do have a grandchild.
Welcome to the world Daisy Mae!

In Memory of Tiny

In Memory of Tiny


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