Friday, October 17, 2008


My niece Emily called and told me to cancel all my plans for tonight....Plans...what plans?
She and her Mom invited me to go with them to the Sympathy...I mean the Symphony.
Now I guess this must be an acquired taste, because it was my first time and I thought it was pretty good. It lasted a little long though. We had fun regardless.
I loved spending time with them and just having a girls night out.
I have the menu all planned out for the trip and most of the groceries boxed up and ready to go.
I really wish I could take all of you with us. Wouldn't Rick have fun being surrounded by all your beauty.
We will be going for 7 days. We are going to go a day early and spend the night at a hotel there so that we can be at the dock by 8am. Then we will have an orientation....where we will learn to drive the boat.
Rick plans on doing some bow hunting while we are there too. He has been making arrows for the past two days.
This weekend we will finish packing up.
I am excited that we have this opportunity to just get away.
We both need a break.
I promise to take lots of pictures and to give you a full report when I return.
Hopefully we will catch alot of fish.
Wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together this summer and go for a few days? We would never want to come back home.
Ok well I am pretty tired from watching those people play their fast so I guess I will go and catch some zzz'z
Thanks for all the comments to my journal. LOVE YOU ALL Barb


Linda :) said...

I'm so excited for you guys... You're going to have a great time... but now I'm nervous, Rick doesn't know how to drive the boat yet...........

Christy said...

That's great about the symphony!! I have no doubt you're going to have a great vacation!!!

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