Sunday, October 12, 2008

I AM: Barbara, but my friends call me Barb. I am a Mom to a wonderful son who is a chef and I have been a faithful wife to Rick for 27 and counting years. I am a true friend. I can and do keep secrets and can be trusted.
I WANT:Everyone to be happy, to know Jesus and go to Heaven with me one day. A happy home .To write a book and be creative.
I HAVE: learned tha life can toss you curves and you better not be looking at the ants when it does or you could get smacked in the head.
I WISH: I could grant each of you three wishes. But mostly I wish you all happincess.
I HATE: liars, thiefs and people who think they are better than other people
I MISS: my son Eric, spending more time with my family
I FEAR:nothing because God is watching over me and I have four guardian angels, my little sister Christi my nephew Jacob, my Dad and my Mom.
I HEAR: Rick watching a kung fu movie and am trying to block it out :) hiya!
I WONDER:what God has in store for my life and how it would be to meet yall one day.
I LOVE: My family, my husband,Rick my son Eric and my newest terror/lover Sadie Marie Being happy. learning new things. life. Jesus
. I ALWAYS: try to be fair and watch out for peoples feelings Tell alot of jokes to make people laugh
I AM NOT : mean ,hateful ,envyous dishonest or cruel
I AM NOT ALWAYS: organized but I am seriously working on being that way
I NEED: lots of friends
I SHOULD: balance my check book, clean, pay bills, wash clothes, wash dishes, get the mail....and the list goes on and on and on


Linda :) said...

You always have the best answers for these....

Jeffer Shen said...

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