Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

Hello everyone! It's me Sadie Marie! My Mom and Dad...known to you as Barbara and Rick took me on a houseboat out in the middle of Lake Amistad. Then they made me wear this stupid pumpkin outfit and everyone was saying...oh how wear it. I refuse to wear the hat to this thing....makes me look like a walking pumpkin....but it is warm.

Here's my Dad driving the boat. I sure hope he knows what he is doing. You know there is no where to pee on this thing....I sure hope they thought about that one. My Dad sure did like driving around and looking at all the scenery. I was not impressed at all. But they sure had fun.

This is all you could see for miles and miles. Water Water everywhere....And check out those clouds they were pretty cool.

This is the kitchen area....just like the brochere. Only we brought our own food. Mom even brought a bottle of wine.

And here is the bedroom where we all slept....Oh sure the first night they put me in my dog carrier, they were afraid I was gonna fall off the bed...I showed them, by the end of the trip I not only jumped up on this bed I jumped down too...All you gotta do is learn how to use that step stool. No animal or human was hurt by sleeping here.

Here is the bathroom where they went. Mine was outside on the rocks and cactus.....Someone please tell me where the grass is around here. Anyway it had a shower and everything. Mom brought her fish towels so that maybe it would bring good luck for catching some.

This is the view out the back door....Yeah more water.....Ok now where are my kibbles? I sure hope they remembered to pack them and my toys....More to come......


Missie said...

Okay, I have a question for Sadie....How do you go the bathroom with no grass? LOL

Have a good night.

Barb said...

Dear's not easy and I hate that cactus.....I kept getting it stuck in my paws and Mom had to pull it out with the tweezers....I growled at her.

Allison said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics and I think the pumpkin outfit was cute! Have a happy Thursday.

annm said...

Looks like you all had alot of fun. Sadie looks so cute.

Linda :) said...

Oh Sadie Marie you do look cute in your pumpkin costume... and thanks for the tour, you guys had a great time! but that was a very important detail that your mom forgot, some grass for you to potty....

Paula said...

Don't be shelfish, I mean selfish Sadie Marie. You know your Mommie and Daddy have to have a little fun sometime.

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