Monday, October 6, 2008

Hello and How do you do?

Hello everyone?
And how are you this fine evening? Me? Well thank you for asking....I am doing ok.
Had a busy day today. Went through one side of my Moms closet.....only on the floor. And looked through the Christmas ornaments...Found alot of snowmen....did not know that my Mom collected them like me....and my good friend Linda.
I also looked into seeing about a houseboat trip. It would be quite costly but I think we need a get away.
And for Rick that is a perfect one....he will be fishing the whole time I am sure.
We use to go every year only we camped out. This time it will be an adventure I am we must concentrate on getting things semi squared away before we go.
My niece Brittany was accepted in a volleyball that will travel and all. Way to go Miss Brittany!
Eric is doing great at his job as a Chef deParte or however you spell it...I must ask him...
Any way he is working long hours so of course I did the Mommy thing and asked him to be sure to get plenty of rest and to eat good.
Sadie Marie is growing in leaps and bounds....for those of you who do not know her she is my puppy dog....only she doesn't know she is a dog.
I am hanging in there and singing whenever I get a spare moment at home. I have also started painting again and I will soon be working on writing a book.
My job called and said that they missed me and that the customers wanted to know when I was coming back. I told them as soon as I could.
I want to try and go back to normal one day.
Hope all of you are happy, well and I know you are loved because I do love you :)
Until next time xoxBarb


Missie said...

Have a good day tomorrow!

chirag iam the confidence guy said...

hiiiii good eve
iam fine
ur blog is nice
i like it

see my blog

hope u will see it

Linda :) said...

Awwwwwwww Mom collected snowmen too..... :)
Congrats to Brittany!
So proud of Eric!
Hi Sadie Marie!!
Hugs to you and Rick and how exciting a get away on a houseboat...

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