Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just one of the beautiful sunsets we saw on the boat. This was my favorite time of the day even though it also meant one day gone. We danced in the sunset every night.
The Crew. Rick and Sadie enjoying a day on the lake. She was just starting to get use to it when it was time to leave. She would jump up and cuddle with whoever would sit down for a few minutes.
She loved to sit out on the back deck and watch and bark at the goats who roamed wild on shore. We counted over 30 one day.

I could not get over how each sunset was as beautiful as the day before. God is an excellent artist.

See what I mean?

One Night we were invaded by bugs. They came in like a wild wind and were everywhere. I told Rick we HAD to do something about it because they were driving me crazy!

So I suggested we vacuum them.

Out came the vacuum cleaner and you know what?

This was Sadies best trick. I taught her to climb up the stairs to the top deck. She did fall one time but caught herself and then came right back up. Never cried....tough dog
More to come....Hopefully I will be able to post the slide videos.....a must see LOL

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In Memory of Tiny


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