Sunday, October 12, 2008


Need your help.....We are going on a 7 day houseboat trip. Need a menu for those days so that I can grocery shop before we go.
Any and all ideas welcome.

Can you believe it is going to cost us $175.00 just to take Sadie with us? We have been wanting to go for years and have been saving up the money....Actually I originally started my savings account so that I could have another baby.
Rick said if I could save up the money we could have another child....never happened so we figure while we are young WHY NOT? It will be a dream vacation.
I think we have earned it....
Now....I need a menu
A packing list of things to take...
Who wants to help me out here?
:) Thanks in advance xoxBarb


Robin said...

Will you have a fully functional kitchen on board?

Do all the prep work first. Like if you have a taco night...chop all the toppings at home and put in baggies, take a sharpie pen and mark all the bags "Tacos" so you know those all go together for taco night. You could brown the meat ahead of time too but if you have a kitchen you might want it fresh.

I would plan meals that make a bunch of food so you can have left overs the next day for lunch. Or one night you can pull out all the left overs and have a feast.

Do sandwiches for lunch, lunch doesn't need to be fancy and you can make great sandwiches just by picking out some great rolls or bread.

Take a crock-pot and you can cook dinner all day slowly while you have fun on the water. Enjoy!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Cool looking boat.

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