Friday, May 29, 2009

Daisy changed to Shelby Lynn

We gave Daisy Mae to our son Eric who adopted her. He changed her name to Shelby Lynn. Last Weekend he took her home..I already miss her so much.
Eric is a good daddy though and wrote us the following

Hey just wanted to fill you in on shelby and her first night home. It's in her point of view
She cried until we got to 1620, then got tired and slept the rest of the way.
When we got home Amy was really excited to meet her and let her out of the carrier right away.
The first thing Shelby saw was Tanner. She never seen a dog that big, and then there was this other puppy(Buster) that had a really ugly face, and it scared the piss out of her right in Amy's lap.
She soon found out that things wer'nt so bad and opened up to the nice lady,(Amy) that gave her some tasty cheese. The cheese had some special flea medicine in it for puppies, but she didn't know that.mmmmmmm cheese.
She met the big dog who was really nice, but was kind of scared and avoided her.
The bouncy puppy with the ugly face wanted to meet her and play, but she was scared. So, she hid behind her master, (Me) and made a mean growl.
The ugly puppy got scared and ran away.Then, this (fuzzy) demon came out and made a scarry hissing noise.
She ran for her life back to the safety of my arms.We decided to take her on her first walk to get rid of some of that energy, so she could sleep.
She did really good.
Tanner and buster came with us, and I think it helped her to see that it was okay to be led around and that it was a fun thing.
The only fighting was at the end of the driveway, when she plopped down and pouted. Besides that she had fun and liked it.
It also helped her bond a little with the other 2.
When we got back to the house everybody got some food and then put to bed.
We put the cage where she could see Buster and Tanner in their kennals, so she could cope and get used to the idea. She cried for maybe 30min and then crashed.THE END

I plan to wake up early, so I can go to the pet shop to get some stuff, give her a bath,and set an appointment for her puppy shots and exam. Then I gotta be back by 1, so I can get ready and leave for work by 2.
Yeah, it's pretty late, so I should go to bed now. I'll try to call tomorrow, or you can call meStay tuned for more of Shelby's adventures to come.Love you mom and dad


Linda's World said...

Oh my, I bet you are missing her. I'm sure Eric is really enjoying her. Linda from Washington but vacationing in southern California

Missie said...

The email your son sent was so cute!

Linda :) said...

Oh I didn't know Shelby Lynn moved in with Eric.... Hope she's settled in now.... What a cute story... :)

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