Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ricks birthday, Fathers day and our anniversary present to each other. We got it yesterday and will be taking it out for a test drive today! Going to take it to the coast for a week too soon.

We added a storeroom to help put all the extra stuff while we are remodeling..later it will be for storage or....a music studio?

Shelby Lynn aka Daisey is doing great! Eric brought her for a visit this weekend. She has grown! Sadie and Shelby really have fun playing tug of war...finally someone for Sadie to play with that doesn't give in to do other things. We miss having Shelby around, but when she comes to visit it is a ball of fun!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there. This is my second Fathers Day without my Dad. I miss him, so if you have yours give him a big hug and spoil him rotten.

We are going to the lake today to celebrate with Rick. Should be fun. I am still kinda sick, but getting better. Man when I get sick it is a doozy! Been sick for over a week now...First day I woke up without a headache. Still coughing. So I will be taking it easy still.

Miss all you great people here! Will be back soon with more pictures.
Don't give up on me just yet. xoxBarb


Missie said...

Love the boat!

Have a good week.

CINDY said...

the puppy is so cute. sorry i haven't been around lately. am trying to visit all when i have time. hope all is well.


Linda :) said...

I love the new boat!! I wanna go for a ride!! and I love your dragonfly pointer, lol... :)

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