Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

This is my first Mothers Day without my Mom. It is a sad day for me, but I just try to remember last year when I made Mom a banner and got her some flowers.
My Mom was always the funny one in the family. She told the corniest jokes, but she always made us laugh. I don't remember a time where she let life get her down. She always had a positive attitude about everything. She was really good at finding the silver lining in things.
My mom was a school teacher and even taught me in 6th grade. She was my PE teacher. She was tougher on me than the other students, but I understood.
Growing up with my Mom was full of surprises and adventures. She made every holiday special. She always remembered my birthday and treated me like a princess. She was the disciplinarian in the family as well. It would break my heart when she was upset with me. One time when I needed a spanking for something I was crying before she ever lifted the ruler. She felt sorry for me and let me go sit in my room to think about my behavior. She was very creative with her discipline. The worst though I think was when she would say....not sure what we will do about this...I need to think about it for awhile....I would just rather of had the spanking and be done with it.
All this makes her sound like she was a mean momma. But she was far from that.
She loved me enough to discipline me. She kept me out of doing things wrong and paying a bigger price for it later.
I really miss her alot.
I have an only child but I will probably not be seeing him today. He is a chef in a big restaurant and I seriously doubt he will be able to come home today....although he does like to surprise me....not holding my breath though. and I do understand.
Rick is making me some breakfast and said he wants to take me out later today. Emily my niece brought me over a cheesecake....there goes my diet! Do calories count if it is for Mother's Day?
One more thing I need to tell you...
Daisy Mae...Sadie's new puppy has a new name now. Eric wanted to name her Xerox....I said no.
So we agreed on Shelby Lynn.
He said he didn't want to be yelling for her calling her Daisy....something about it sounded feminine or something...whatever LOL
I will try to take some new pictures of Shelby. She is a handful. She has teeth now and already eating regular dog food and drinking water.
Sadie is getting back some of her puppy ways too.
Ok well I hope you all have a Happy Mothers Day!
And if you still have your Mom with you this year....hug her for me :)
Until next time....xoxBarb

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Marlene said...

Hi Barb, I am just surfing blogs today and reading about lots of Mothers Day stories. What a nice tribute to your Mother. I'm sure she knows how much you miss her.

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