Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey look! I found some dragonflies! I am going to look again later and see if I can find anymore... If you find some cuter ones let me know. You know I love much I even had one tattooed on my ankle. And I thought I would NEVER get a tattoo....there is a first time for everything!

I have a few pictures to share with you....We went on a mini vacation to Rockport Texas..

Our little Sea Dog....she has a stain on her shirt because she kept rubbing it underneath the picnic table...Rick says the shirt was making her itchy..

Now doesn't she look happy? Actually she is definitely pregnant and you can already feel the puppies moving.

Two little love birds...These are Texas seagulls.

Puppy Prison

I don't get it....what is the fuss? Why does he want to sit for hours holding on to those poles and looking at the water....every once in a while he puts another one of those crawly things on a hook...but other than that...what exactly are we doing out here in the freezing wind?

We had a lot of fun. Tomorrow I am taking the taxes in to be done. Once all that is over I will feel a big sense of relief. And maybe able to relax a bit.
I plan to try to see my sister this next week. We are also going to start getting more organized about our house so we can downsize and get more done. I am going to be tossing out old clothes and shoes etc. making room for what I actually wear and not the prom dress from high school.
I want to have a yard sale soon, but that takes alot of work and this time I will be advertising it more.
Guess I better get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. Hope is all well at your house.
Also I wanted to say that Eric is doing great. He is still in Austin and working every day but Monday. So he is keeping busy.
Have a great day tomorrow! :) Barb


Paula said...

I was thinking of you lately and thought you are at face book like so many are now. So why is tomorrow the big day. Your birthday???

Anonymous said...


LdyRoxx said...

Pregg's oh my!

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