Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whats Different? What's new?

In 2005 4 years ago I took a survey.....blue is what's new.....black was in 2005...Let's see how things have changed......

I Live: in the middle of the city out in the country by the woods.Same place same station :)
I Work: at a grocery store as a cashier and candy stocker. I'm a candy girl now. Nope now I work at an insurance office as an insurance agent only I am on leave of absense due to the death of both of my parents. Right now I am dealing with the executrix stuff....not fun.

I Talk: too much and sometimes you find me
with my foot in my mouth because I talk
without thinking much! Um....still the same....

I Wish: I could spend more time with Eric my
son. Yes I do..Eric is a chef in Austin and lives on his own now....a grownup...25...but still calls me whenever he gets a chance...just not as often.

I Enjoy: painting, singing, making music and
reading Still enjoy all of this...have started writing again too.

I Look: for the good things about people I do look for the good things about people

I Find: stray kittens after a hard rain not lately...But I did find a splinter in my foot today....still there ouch

I Smell: when I don't take a bath LOL Oh my what a silly girl....I smell with my nose.

I Listen: less than I talk not so true anymore...I think now I listen more

I Hide: money from myself so that I won't
spend it and then I forget where I put it....no...I don't hide money anymore...learned my lesson the hard way on that one...now I just put it in the bank

I Pray: everyday for all my friends and family Most definately the same
I Walk: only when I have to. Unfortunately this is still true...need to do some walking...
I Write: the songs that make the whole world sing...
well that is in my ultimate dream life I write about my life more now...
I See: saw when I go to the park. Do you
Was I goofy or what? I see with my eyes
I Sing: every chance I get still true I think I actually sing more now
I Laugh: all the time. I try to...but sometimes you gotta cry
I Can: do all things through Christ who
strengthens me. Yes I can!
I Watch: all my favorite shows like Survivor
and do not allow anyone to talk...only on
commercials....I won't even answer my phone. :) Still true
I Yearn: to earn. So that I will have money
to burn!!!!! I yearn for World Peace now.
I Daydream: about Matthew M..... Yes Linda I still do...stay away he is MINE
I Fall: when I trip LOL mostly
I Want: to teach the world to sing in perfect
harmony...no really...wouldn't that be awesome
if we could all get together and sing! Still my dream
I Cry: at sappy old movies. Yup still true
I Burn: ready to cook bacon P U!!!! Now that was a gross smell...nowadays I burn Pizza
I Read: as much as I can. I like all books Not as much time to read now.
I Love: my family and friends YES I DO
I Rode: a horse in high school yeah I did
I Sometimes: stay up too late and go to work
with only 3 hours of sleep....zzzz Nowadays I stay up way too late...Right now it is 2:24am
I Hurt: my foot today when I dropped a heavy
box on it. Ouch! Lately my worst injury was the splinter...but them babys hurt too!
I Fear: nothing any more I used to be scared
to drive until Eric moved away and it was either
get over it or never see him
I give my fears to God now and he takes them away
I Hope: you dance Yes I do
I Break: dance...not LOL YEAh right
I Eat: when I remember to Unfortunately still true...I forget sometimes.

I Bathe: once a week whether I need it or
not! If it is on Sunday I even use soap! I use soap more often now.:)
I Drink: Diet Pepsi like I should drink water. Wow...still true...really need to drink more water

I Stop: people when I see them being
mean to someone!!!! I can't stand mean people
I Save: everything!!!! Eric is 22 and I still
have all of his baby clothes! I finally threw
away his first diaper...just kidding,
but I really do have all his baby clothes! Eric is 25 now and I still have his baby clothes
I Hug: anyone who needs one Sure do need one?
I Meditate: while I procrastinate Now I procrastinate about meditating
I Play: many instruments yep
I Miss: my angels More angels to miss now
I Hold: my breathe underwater Only when I am swimming
I Forgive: everyone....I let God deal with them Pretty much!
I Drive: because I can! Now I just drive everyone crazy...not really???
I Learned: that life is shorter than you think SO TRUE
I Dream: vivid dreams every night Not asleep enough to dream as much now
I Have: to go Christmas shopping soon! No! Thank God that is over until next year!
I Don't: have to be me til Friday!!!! I don't have to me...I get to be me.
I Made: that up.... And this too
I Believe: that Jesus lives in my heart. He does!

I Wait: for children and old people U bethcha!
I Need: another vacation!!!! Sure...why not
I Owe: too much LOL understatement
I Hate: mean rude people. Most definately
I Feel: with my fingers There you go!
I Know: my savior lives. And that he is my Lord and Savoior

I Wonder: how God made all these wonderful
things And what he thinks about all our requests and complaints.
I Applaud: all of the courageous people who are
fighting cancer And I have been in the battle with 3 members of my family
I Love: my life! Still do and wonder what my answers will be in 4 more years
There you go...more Try this yourself....it might surprise you.

A few other things have changed in 4 years.
I have loved and lost.
I have a dragonfly tattoo now.
I am learning to take life One Day At A Time.
God Bless those who come by...and please leave a comment or two...just say Howdy!


Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Barb enjoyed reading this one ~my how things have changed in 4 years ~ :o) Ally x

Paula said...

Howdy. I met a lady from Lytle briefly Sunday but I can't remember her name. I think she is really from Lacoste but lives in Lytle and doesn't know many people there.

Sharon said...

You're still the same sweet, lovely Barbara to me. Cute answers as always. Love ya!

Linda :) said...

This was so cool that you compared then to now.... and I love the crazy you!!! lol....

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