Monday, December 29, 2008

What did you get?

I got a pink stove!!!!

My Christmas favorites

Sadie Marie Santa's other reindeer

The stockings were hung

And the Chef did appear


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. Never seen a pink stove before but I guess now days you can get them in lot of different colors.
Looks like & sounds like you had a very nice Christmas.

Just Bill said...

Wow! a pink stove.
Have a fine 2009, Bill

Missie said...

Happy New Year!

Paula said...

Never seen a pink stove either but it sure is purdy. Hope you enjoy it.

Sharon said...

A new stove AND a chef! You are one spoiled lady ROFL!! Glad you had a great Christmas! Hugs n kisses!!!!

Linda :) said...

What did the chef think of the pink stove.... :)
Sadie Marie you are too cute....
Happy New Year!!!!!

Robin said...

Where did you find a pink stove? Way too cool!

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